Born in Poland in 1972 and for more than 20 years residing and working in Germany, I am a visual artist constantly exploring different forms of visual expression with the special focus on painting. In the 1990s, I have pursued studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, shaping the foundations of a creative journey that spans both geographic and artistic borders.

Rooted in the influence of my childhood and adolescence time in Poland, my journey as an artist has been marked by a persistent quest to unveil the hidden beauty and fragility inherent in nature and life itself. Through my paintings, I strive to emphasize the order woven into the fabric of existence, whether in a figurative representation or an abstract exploration.

Whether capturing the vast expanse of a distant landscape, examining a floral still life, or exploring the minute details of a close-up, my work seeks to forge a profound connection with the environment.


My never-ending inspiration, drawn from travels and the exploration of foreign places, infuses each artwork with a dynamic energy that transcends boundaries. In this visual dialogue with nature, I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence, inviting observers to peer beyond the surface and discover the subtle complexities that define our surroundings. Each stroke of the brush serves as a testament to my ongoing journey of discovery, an exploration that embraces the beauty of diversity and captures the essence of the interconnected world we inhabit.

As a professional illustrator, I run a studio ILLUS-ICONS-INFOGRAPHICS, visualizing facts & figures, designing data and drawing illustrated maps. My particular passion however belongs to painting. The exploration of various forms and mediums reflects a deep-seated curiosity and an unyielding commitment to artistic growth.

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