“TRACING LIGHT | a luz de Lisboa” is a project developed during my time as Artist in Residency at PRISMA Estúdio- Núcleo de artistas” in Lisboa, February 2024. 

The outcome of my project:

The outcome is a comprehensive visual documentation of the city’s luminosity. Through a synthesis of travel illustration, narrative cartography, and on-location painting, I have crafted a series that captures the atmospheric qualities of this city.

During my stay, I have immersed myself in the city, conducting on-site painted studies and taking photographs. The final outcome of this creative process includes several light/shadow studies and an illustrated map painted on small-sized panels, composed into a larger mosaic imitating a wall covered by azulejo tiles.


The inspiration for this formal arrangement came to me during one of my daily walks in the city. Heading in the direction of Fiera da Ladra on a sunny Tuesday, I passed the corner of Rua dos Lagares and Travesa Lagares ( Against the background of a half-round, white wall, a collection of black and white photos presents images from the past daily life of the inhabitants of the Quarteira. It was a very nostalgic and touching tiny exposition, so human! It felt very ‘Lisbon’ to me!